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Windows Assistant: Release Log
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The following article is a running release log of all of our Major Assistant Release versions along with the updates for each.

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Assistant Version 57

Release Date: July 2nd, 2024


  • Westlaw: Pulling in client information when using Westlaw.

  • Quickbooks Online: You are now able to capture client information when using Quickbooks Online.

  • Incognito Window Privacy: All work from an incognito window is ignored

  • Improved SSO Login: Ensuring that logging in via SSO is quicker by using a new Token Vault Alternate Storage Mechanism.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressing Edge, Chrome, MsTeams, and Outlook slowness, 100x faster.

  • Fixed website searching to be inclusive.

  • General bug fixes and speed improvements.

See more here.

Assistant Version 56

Release Date: May 15th, 2024


  • Pause Capture: Laurel now allows you to pause the capture of activities for a set period of time.

  • Improved QuickBooks Online Capture: Enhanced integration with QuickBooks Online to better capture information about the client you are working for.

Bug Fixes

  • Always-on Capture: Resolved an edge case where activity capture occasionally didn't restart after logging out and logging back in.

  • Outlook Enhancements:

    • Improved capture of emails within Outlook's folder structure.

    • Improved compatibility with Outlook's delayed send feature.

    • Increased integration quality for more restricted instances of Outlook.

    • Integration improvements to retry Outlook capture if initial attempt is unsuccessful.

    • Improved error handling.

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Assistant Version 55

Release Date: March 21st, 2024

  • Enhanced Virtual Environment Support: Your virtual machine sessions are now more seamlessly understood, ensuring robust and accurate capture of activities.

  • Idle Time Enhancements: Updates to ensure our idle time functionality kicks in at the right time, regardless of your hardware or environment.

  • Duplicate Activity Handling: We've made strides to reduce reported duplicate activities, helping keep your activity log precise.

  • Web Capture Improvements: Experience more reliable capture on webpages added beyond the default set.

  • Updated from 32 to 64 Bit: Requires uninstallation of 32 Bit and fresh install of the 64 Bit package. Deployment resources found here.

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Assistant Version 54

Release Date: Feb 13th, 2024

  • Offline Capture: Now, Laurel continues to track your activities even without an internet connection. Once you're back online, all captured data will be automatically synced.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Laurel extends its capabilities to Microsoft Teams. Whether you're messaging colleagues or editing documents, rest assured that your efforts are accounted for in detail.

  • Enhanced Outlook Email Capture: Experience seamless integration with Outlook, capturing every detail without compromising on efficiency.

  • Idle Time Improvements: We've refined how Laurel detects system inactivity or shutdown, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

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Assistant Version 53

Release Date: Jan 10th, 2024

  • Improved Inactive Detection: New detection methods for when systems enter sleep mode, or users close laptops, especially helpful for VMs so capture stops accordingly.

  • Network Availability Messaging: Better communication to users when waiting for a network connection, with auto-login attempting to login repeatidly until the internet is available.

  • Enhanced Browser Tracking: More accurate capture of browser tab titles.

  • General Bug Fixes: Plus, a host of general bug fixes to make your experience even better.

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Assistant Version 52

Release Date: Dec 10th, 2023

  • Revamped Outlook Capture: Now with improved email draft handling and more reliable tracking.

  • Logged Out Notification: Get notified via the Laurel App on your Taskbar whenever you're logged out.

  • Support for Assistant Status: Using using v52 will now be able to see the status of their assistant directly in the web app.

  • Enhanced Document Capture: More stable capture, even when additional plugins are in use.

  • Improved Chrome Capture: Full support for the latest version of Chrome.

  • More Persistent Login: Stay logged in longer, thanks to improved token management.

  • Increased Security: Upgraded to follow the best practices in security protocols.

  • General Bug Fixes: Plus, a host of general bug fixes.

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Assistant Version 51

Release Date: Sept 21st, 2023

  • Resolved empty activity titles: An error in our tracking which prevented subject titles and participants from being captured and displayed within timelines has been corrected.

  • Resolved long email durations: We resolved an error where draft email sessions would combine to cause long email durations.

  • Improved email capture: We resolved a few instances where emails were not captured.

  • Improved Microsoft Office Capture: We resolved specific use cases where dialog boxes stopped our tracking, causing durations to be mismatched with actual time spent performing work.

  • Improved Microsoft Outlook Integration: We reduced the amount of resources needed to track your work in Outlook, ensuring no performance impact to Outlook occurs. We also enhanced our Outlook tracking to resolve errors connecting to a user's mailbox and included a "re-try" method when our connection fails due to internal Outlook functions.

See more here.

Assistant Version 50

Release Date: Aug 27th, 2023

  • Improved Outlook Capture: We've improved the accuracy of time spent drafting emails and now account for time spent switching between emails when navigating within Outlook.

  • Outlook Performance Fixes: We reduced the amount of resources needed to track your work in Outlook, ensuring no performance impact to Outlook occurs.

  • Bug resolutions for Zoom Capture: We resolved a few instances where calls weren't captured.

See more here.

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